Merry Christmas Moments
Divine Moments Series
Grace Publishing, 2017

Divine Moments Series

Yvonne Lehman, Editor

This series began late one evening at a writers’ conference when published and aspiring authors relaxed together at the end of a long day. First one, then another, and others shared accounts of how God had shown up in their lives in remarkable, inexplicable, and often, unexpected ways. Their stories are our stories. You’ll be encouraged, fascinated, and blessed by these true narratives. Some are sweet, some humorous, others serious. All are wondrous and inspiring. They remind us we all experience Divine moments—God’s presence in the world and His personal, direct involvement in our lives. Divine moments happen everywhere every day.

These first person stories give us glimpses into the lives of our favorite writers and some new ones we would like to know. There are poems, short vignettes and longer ones, allowing us to pick and choose based on the time frame for reading.

Each volume has a theme. Current themes and submission guidelines are available at