I’ve been a freelance editor for more than 48 years, including law reviews, candidates’ advanced degrees and faculty research (both in various universities), and fiction. I edit for all levels as specified by publishers: developmental, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading.


  • Graduate, Blanton’s Business College, concentration in English.
  • Graduate, The Writers Institute, both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Romance Writers of America, taped workshops
  • National, regional, and local workshops and continuing classes
  • Taught Critiquing Essentials to writers’ groups and public registrants
  • Taught Basic Self-Editing to writers’ groups and public registrants
  • Adviser to Scribbler, a monthly memoir magazine.
  • Edited and produced Highlights, a monthly chronicle of local events

Partial List of Works I’ve Edited, Indicating Genre Variety

Lee Smith (Appalachian Fiction)
Black Mountain Breakdown
Oral History
Family Linen
The Devil’s Dream
Saving Grace

Eugene B. Alston
Hammer Spade Series, 10 volumes (Thrillers)
Kingdom of America, 2nd edition (Fantasy)
The Deal of a Lifetime (Romantic Comedy)
The Last Voyage of the Dan D. (Children)
Time Traveler (2011 to 1864)

Jerry Eicher, When Hearts Break (Amish Romance) (Award Winner)
Elizabeth Silance Ballard, Three Rivers to Cross (Women’s Fiction)
Laura Wiggin, Love Finds a Home (Christian Romance)
Opal M. Snyder, Maggie of Cresswell (Contemporary Romance)
Ariana Mangum, A Shenandoah Promise (Historical Fiction Based on Facts)
Dann Stouten, The Thin Space (Biblical Fiction)
Victoria Buck, The Ocean’s Accomplice (YA Futuristic)
Carol McClain, Borrowed Lives (Family Fiction)
Kim Teague, Deadly Pretense (Romantic Suspense)
Lorrie Domin, Anemones (YA Contemporary) (Award Winner)


Joan C. Benson, His Gift
Joseph & Katherine Comerford, God’s Choice
Joanna Glass, Jesus Steps In (Award Winner)
Sylvia Browning, Taken In
Charles Reed, A Full Life
Judge Craig B. Brown, Blind Justice
Opal M. Snyder, From Opal to Her Children
Timothy P. Whealton, According to Tim
Hurtford Smith, Dove Hunting
Dan Cowan, Growing up in South Alabama
Sybil Austin Skakle, What Came Next
Lucy Rodgers Watkins, Taking Leave (Poetry)


Whitney Hopler, Wake Up to Wonder
Dr. Tamara Johnson, Whole, Holy, & Healthy Living
Sonja T. Sloan, Dominate Your World Every Day Through Prayer
Sabreen A Mutawally, The Role of Social Capital on the Academic Achievement of A Male African American High School Student (Dissertation)
Airreia Pierce, The Pierce Mask Project
Miriam A. Osinboyejo, Love Lifted Me
Joseph Geiger, Transition (An Overview of History from a Christian Perspective)
Lolita G. Brockington, The Leverage of Labor, 1588-1688
Lolita G. Brockington, Blacks, Indians and Spaniards in the East Andes 1550-1782
Eugene B. Alston, The Christian Experience: A 21st Century Lay-Christian Examines His Faith
Paul Engel, A Study of the Constitution
Doctoral Dissertations, Post-Docs, Textbooks, Professional Journals, Multiple Universities, 30 years

Bible Studies

Sherry Carter, Storms of Life
Nancy Parker Brummett, Hope of Glory
Barbara Ruglio, Study of Mark
Lori Cline, Study of Parables

Short Story Compilations
Lee Smith, News of the Spirit
Lee Smith, Me and My Baby View the Eclipse
E. B. Alston, The Emerald Necklace
E. B. Alston, Telling It Like It Was
Joseph Pantatello, Robertson’s Attic
Laura Wiggin, Christmas Fireside Collection


Challenges on the Home Front, WWII, 2nd Edition
Lest the Colors Fade
A Beautiful Life and Other Stories

I continue freelance work editing for Elk Lake Publishers, and for freelance clients in fiction and nonfiction, Christian and general markets. I look forward to working with you on your next project.