From early childhood, Peggy vowed she would write stories like the ones in her picture books. Years passed. She graduated from picture books to the world of Nancy Drew, to Agatha Christie, to David Baldacci. She graduated from pencil and paper to ballpoint pen and typewriter to a word processor and then to a computer with all its magic possibilities. Nothing helped. She had no problem with researching and writing formal papers, but fiction continued to elude her.

In the meantime, a typing and editing service has kept her busy for over 50 years editing candidates’ advanced honors degrees, Master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations. She also edited faculty research in many disciplines. She edited fiction for various authors. Apparently by osmosis, she learned to write fiction. Once the words started, they never stopped.

Gardening and travel provided grist for the mill of her creativity. Her earliest publications (and continuing) were humorous essays in nationally distributed magazines on those subjects, among others. She received an honorable mention in a Writer’s Digest contest, placing at #68 of almost 18,000 entries for creative nonfiction articles.

Since her husband retired, they’ve traveled on the seven continents and 50+ countries. See her Nattering Nomad folder.

Peggy continues editing for Elk Lake Publishers and Iron Stream Media, and her freelance work editing for clients in fiction and nonfiction, Christian and general market.