Lest the Colors Fade
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Peggy Lovelace Ellis

In this fourth book by The Writers’ Discussion Group, the members and their friends gather to entertain readers with memoirs, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

We share the trials of purchasing a mattress, the perils of 9/11, the humor of cooking, the parenting skills of a dog, life with another culture, and drag racing between a car and a horse.

That’s only a tip of the iceberg of our reminiscences in prose.

In poetry, we read a rhyming message to a mouse, an ode to singing trees, dialogue between woman and earth, and we take a walk in the shadows of our minds. And did you realize that getting a flu shot can be poetry?

In this volume, we also exercise our imaginations with fiction, including a visit with Santa, a monologue by a 1942 quarter, a mystery with a clue so obvious it could be overlooked, the problems of dealing with bureaucrats, and the adventures of a neophyte in a tiny country barely visible on a map.

In nonfiction, we learn about Christmas shopping, visiting housebound people, a learning experience, and a healthy diet.

As you read our new publication, we hope you will delve into your own memories and imaginations and, perhaps, record them for future generations lest the colors of your life fade into oblivion.